Kangaroo Resources Limited is a coal-focused Company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:KRL). The Company currently has direct and indirect interests in 14 coal assets in Indonesia, as well as one further mineral asset (Mt Ruby) in Queensland, Australia. Two of the Indonesian coal assets (GPK & MCM) in Kutai Barat regency, East Kalimantan are already in an active development phase. GPK is currently awaiting final forestry permits before being able to commence construction and mining activities. MCM has already conducted trial mining and intermittent shipping of coal from an interim jetty on the Mahakam River has been ongoing since Q2 of 2012. Planning for additional exploration is underway on 3 other coal assets adjacent to MCM (BKL, MEL & MBE) to establish overall reserves before finalizing plans for more substantial regional infrastructure. Kangaroo Resources is also refining regional development plans for the exploration and development of a further 9 coal assets (Pakar) in Kutai Kartanegara regency, East Kalimantan. The 9 Pakar coal assets were acquired by the Company in 2011 under an agreement with Indonesian public listed mining company Bayan Resources. As a result of the Pakar transaction, Bayan now hold a majority 56% interest in Kangaroo Resources. With its significantly expanded asset portfolio along with its close association with a major Indonesian coal mining group, the Company has outstanding growth potential and when coupled with a focused strategy, Kangaroo Resources represents an attractive long term opportunity for Australian investors.

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