KRL’s corporate ethics includes a strong focus on environmental responsibility. This approach is integral to ensuring the long-term sustainability of the company’s mining and exploration operations. Environmental policies have been established to ensure that KRL’s field operations comply with permits and licenses, and have minimal impact on the surrounding environments.  A comprehensive Environmental Management and Monitoring Program (EMMP) details all environmental monitoring and reporting. Each exploration and mining project has its own site specific environmental management plan.


An important key to the company’s current and future success is open communications with all stakeholders. We acknowledge our responsibility towards local communities and are committed to being a good neighbour.

Part of the company’s long-term approach towards community relations is to:

  • Pursue mutual benefits for all involved.
  • Improve the quality of life for neighbouring communities.
  • Work in partnership with the community and local level government to find solutions for any social impact resulting from the mines.

Health and safety

The safety of KRL’s employees, contractors, visitors and neighbours is always its number one priority. KRL rigorously enforce a comprehensive safety management system, and review company practices to ensure that it follow best practice standards in occupational health and safety. Each exploration and mining project has its own site specific occupational health and safety management plan.