The PT Graha Panca Karsa (GPK) concession covers 5,060 Ha near Melak, East Kalimantan. Large coal deposit strategically located in close proximity to the Mahakam River.

Resources & Reserves :
Initial exploration work has enabled a JORC* compliant Resource report to be issued by ASEAMCO Pty Ltd in January 2011. The report estimated 58 million tonnes of Indicated Resources and a further 59 million tonnes of Inferred Resources. (*JORC 2004)

Logistics :
Coal haulage from initial mining locations to jetty ≈ 20 – 30 Km.

Barging along Mahakam River to the Balikpapan Coal Terminal (approx. 500km)

Status :
Initial forestry permit (IPPKH) has been issued to enable construction and mining prestrip works to commence. Further exploration is planned before mining activity can be commenced.


The concession is held by PT Graha Panca Karsa.  The concession is located near Melak, East Kalimantan and is strategically located in close proximity to the Mahakam River, which can allow for barging to PT Bayan’s Balikpapan Coal Terminal.

A successful drill program in 2017 (42 drill holes totalling 1,858 metres) inside the Pinjam Pakai area confirmed the results of previous exploration at GPK in that the seams are continuous and retain similar coal quality characteristics. Consequently, Kangaroo Resources is engaged in the process of making an application for an exploration permit to undertake a follow up drill program into areas which are currently not the subject of a permit to evaluate the extent of further mineralisation.

Results of a bathymetric survey carried out in late 2017 indicate that utilising 300’ barges along this route would not be possible all year round.  Kangaroo Resources is investigating the suitability of using smaller barges (180’ and/or 230’) as well as the possibility of dredging critical locations to improve the reliability of any future barging operations. Kangaroo Resources will also consider the economics of extending a coal haul road to bypass these critical spots on the river.